Rager Sound

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Who is Rager Sound

Rager Sound is a small music production company located in central Pennsylvania, USA. The company was formed by Engineer and professional studio drummer /percussionist Ted Rager.

Rager Sound’s core business is mixing, mastering, Beat Production and Drum/Percussion Recording. In addition to our core services we offer everything you need to take you’re creative ideas from conception to completion.

What We Do

Rager Sound provides high quality commercial ready original beats and instrumentals to producers and artist for use in their artistic endeavors. We go above and beyond other beat producers in that we offer technical assistant with the use of our products. Rager Sound also provides customization of songs/beats and instrumentals to fit your project. Need to change a beat structure to fit your lyrics, change a tempo, change keys or add new elements. We will work with you one on one to deliver that sound you’re looking for. In addition to beat/song creation and customization; we provide full service audio recording, mixing, mastering, editing, production, voiceovers, sound design, audio restoration, format transfers, noise reduction, forensic audio, CD duplication/replication, graphic design and printing services.

Technical Assistances Free of Charge to Customers, Email:  TA@ragersound.com

Customization, Mixing & Mastering Pricing Quoted on Request, Email:  customshop@ragersound.com