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Low Budget High Quality Recordings

With today’s technology it is getting easier and easier to make good quality recordings at home. With a computer, freeware, sound card or audio interface, headphones or monitors and a microphone or two, you are ready to record. If you own or have access to a computer you can be recording for under $100.00.

There are a number of on line sites that can provide good advice helping you setup and recording in no time. Recording 101 will get you started.

So now you have been recording, you have a number of tracks recorded for several songs. You try mixing  and find that you just can’t get the sound you want, audio quality is not what you expected, and the only place your songs sound half way decent is in the room you recorded them in.

Let’s fix your recordings, we are finding more and more customers bringing tracks they recorded to us to mix and master and sometimes just prepare for mixing.

Recording  in a professional studio can cost thousand. If you plan your recording projects to record your tracks yourself you can avoid the high cost of studio time. The following is what a number of our customers are doing to save cost but not compromise on quality.

  1. Record Tracks Yourself – for best results use flat equalization, no effects and little or no dynamics such as compression and limiting. In home studios we find that most problems with sound recording occur with the acoustical environment the tracks are recorded in. You don’t want to adjust your sound for a bad room.
  2. Mixing– bring or send us your unprocessed recorded tracks to mix. This allows you to use the best tool in the word for you music, a second set of ears. Your recorded tracks can be evaluated and proper adjustments made to correct for most recording problems. Once your tracks have been edited, cleaned up and processed they can be professional mixed for a high quality sound ready for mastering.
  3. Mastering – makes your music commercial ready for distribution. Whatever you decide to do always get your mixed recordings professional mastered. Every major label masters every song released. Mastering is a must for any commercial or online airplay.
  4. Distribution – With your mixed recordings mastered you are ready for distribution. Whether you want to run one copy of a master CD from your computer to give to a friend or have thousands replicated. Distribution can be electronic from iTunes, CDbaby, youtube to Physical CD’s or vinyl.


Average savings for customers who record their own tracks is upwards of 50% of the project cost. Customers who record and mix their own tracks and just have them mastered save 75-80% of the project cost.