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Beats for SaleRager Sound provides beats for sale in our beat store , our beats are used in movie scores to hip hop productions. Need a beat check the store. Don’t hear what you we need can create it for you.

Custom BeatsBeats created for whatever you can think off. Round out you’re project with a custom beat that fits you’re sound.

Drums and PercussionNeed to humanize you’re ideas a little, ad the real sound of drums and percussion to your projects. Real drums and percussion for projects with real players. We provide completely mixed to 2 tracks or tracked out to be mixed, get the sound and feel you want.

RecordingRager Sound offers up 32 tracks simultaneous recording and unlimited tracks, the possibilities are endless.

MixingIf you already have your recorded tracks, but need everything brought together for that professional polished sound, Rager Sound  can work with just about any type or level of recording(s) to achieve that perfect mix.

MasteringYou have recorded and mixed your heart out now it’s time for the real sound. Mastering makes or breaks your recording. At Rager Sound we have over 25 years experience mastering audio. We can master and prepare recordings for internet, CD duplication/replication, radio or just about anything you need your recording to sound their best.

ProductionRager Sound in-house production can provide a variety of services depending on your project needs. Custom tracks from your ideas, guide you or your band to the best possible performance.

EditingRager Sound offers audio editing for whatever you can image, vocal tuning, drum alignment, drum sample replacement, recording clean up.

VoiceoverNeed to ad voice to video or maybe a commercial, narrate a documentary, Rager Sound offers voiceover service to record, mix and master to just about any format needed.

Sound DesignHear something in your head; we can help bring it to life. Post production for film, a music track that needs fuller sound, we can help you create it.

Audio Restoration, Archiving and Format TransfersTransfer vinyl or tape to CD and other formats, we can help. Transfers including noise removal, EQ adjustments and sound optimization. We provide restoration to audio and can transfer between must audio formats.

Noise ReductionHave audio files or tapes with noises we can reduce or remove must noises to improve audio quality.

Forensic AudioNeed to bring something that’s buried in the noise or muffled, we can bring it clarity so you can interpret the contents.

CD Duplication/ReplicationRager Sound provides in house short run CD duplication services. For large quantities we over replication services through are affiliates.

Graphic Design & PrintingWe offer complete graphic design to complete or finalize your project for production. Through are affiliates we provide small or large scale printing for albums and CD’s.

Inquire about services we offer, email: inquire@ragersound.com